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Six lessons to help you unpack destructive thoughts, feelings and habits in your life.


The mind is one of the most important parts of your life. As a matter of fact, your entire experiential existence on this planet will be guided and seen through the quality and clarity of your thoughts. If, or when your mind stagnates or becomes unwell your entire being is affected biologically, emotionally and spiritually.


This Christian based course aims to offer tools and strategies to those who wish to overcome destructive thoughts, feelings and habits that hinder life. it is a Christian belief that the purpose of your existence is fully revealed only when your mind is renewed and redeemed to its original design. This course consists of 6 lessons comprising music, prayer, meditation, teaching and Q&A.


The Clinic of the Mind course is free of charge but we do warmly advise people to buy a book called: Battlefield of the Mind - written by Joyce Meyer. This book will be used as a guide for most of the course so it will be of great value to you to read the book as the course progresses. By reading it, it will allow you to learn more and engage more in the discussions that might take place.

Some people say that the mind is a battlefield, let’s say it is! So, are you winning or losing this battle?

If you want to sign up for the course please contact us for further information and instructions on how to sign up.​

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