Worship Ministry


Here at Leith Baptist Church, we are passionate about worship! It is at the very heart of the people and Incorporated into all we do. Worship is a lifestyle and we encourage people to honour God and love him, not just at church but in their everyday life, when people are watching and when nobody sees. We desire to use our different gifts and talents to celebrate and glorify God, one way we do this is through our times of corporate worship.


Our weekend services always start with a time of corporate worship, this enables us to set our hearts and minds on God and literally put him first. Our worship is an incredibly special time of joy, celebration and encountering God's presence. We become like the people we spend time with, so when we worship God we become like him. This often results in people's emotions, mind and body being touched and made whole.


Worship in our Services


Our Worship team includes singers and musicians, technicians, prophetic artists, and dancers. All are passionate about using their creative gifts to love Jesus, love people, serve the church and expand God’s kingdom. For many years we have had a contemporary worship band comprising various instruments including guitars, keyboard, drums and singers. We have regular worship leaders who will normally be given freedom to lead an extended time of praise and response during our services. We welcome prophetic contributions of prayer, scriptures, drama, dance and other expressions of worship during the services, all under the oversight and approval of the service leader.